On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in High Asset Divorce on Thursday, June 25, 2020.

Missouri couples may feel like they just cannot catch a break. Everyday stresses in a marriage can be compounded by common troubles like unemployment, infidelity or disagreements over finances. In cases of high asset divorce, a person will want to be extra cautious about protecting his or her money and property in the event of a split, but how can a person tell if a marriage is doomed? 

There are a few key indicators that a person may want to prepare for divorce. Lack of communication is one frustrating sign. If a person feels like he or she cannot even talk to a spouse about simple matters, it may be time to consider divorce. Inability to compromise is also a red flag. If disagreements often end in a stalemate, the end may be in sight. 

Other less obvious indicators may be harder to recognize. Lack of intimacy or legitimate stress and anxiety at the mere thought of being intimate with a spouse are a bad sign. A couple that has tried marriage therapy with no marked progress or result may not be able to save the relationship. If a marriage involves infidelity or one or both people living as if they are already single or frequently imagining a life with someone else, it could be time to end the marriage. 

Especially in cases of high asset divorce, a person may want some expert advice and help untying the knot. Fortunately, a Missouri attorney who is familiar with high asset divorces can be of great assistance. An attorney can help a client through the legal process of ending a marriage. With a lawyer’s assistance, a client can focus on ensuring that the things he or she has worked so hard to protect, like retirement savings, homes and vehicles, and other assets, are not swept away by a soon-to-be ex.