Timely action key amid child support woes

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Paternity/Child Support on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

Missouri parents that feel overwhelmed or apprehensive about financial matters are not alone. Thousands of hard-working adults suddenly found themselves facing loss of employment amid business closures and shutdowns. Parents with a child support obligation may feel frustrated and worried that they may be unable to pay the amount ordered without their regular paycheck.

Fortunately, a parent can take steps to remedy the situation. A person who is ordered to pay child support, called an obliger, can request to have his or her financial situation re-evaluated immediately. Just like when the original order was put into place, the court will consider the income and expenses of both parties and other determining factors to update the order to an amount that is more manageable under the current circumstances.

A parent that fails to take such action risks falling behind. A parent that does not report a change in income and request a re-evaluation risks facing the normal penalties the state enforces for non-payment of child support. In such uncertain times, a parent may not want to risk fines, loss of driving privileges or even jail time. These penalties may prevent a parent from aquiring gainful employment in the future, and government benefits and stimulus checks can be denied.

The process requires completing some paperwork and submitting it to the appropriate Missouri court. This may sound like a tall order since many court buildings have been closed to the public for weeks, and accessing the internet, a printer, a fax machine or even a notary can be tricky these days. Fortunately, attorneys are still hard at work and ready to help. An attorney can help a client acquire the appropriate child support paperwork and fill it out correctly while making sure a client has the appropriate attachments, like proof of income and identity, submitted in a timely fashion. With a little help, a parent can get the ball rolling to make sure he or she does not face any unmanageable financial situation while ensuring that all children involved are still provided for.

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