Should school district influence physical custody decisions?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

Many Missouri families include school-aged children. Sometimes, a family might have concerns about the school a child must attend because of where the primary residence is located. Many parents are asking the state to allow more flexible choices pertaining to where a child can attend school, but so far, little legal action had been taken. When a parent is preparing to go to court to get a decision about physical custody, school choice may be a factor.

No two custody cases are the same, and a court must make decisions based on each family’s unique set of circumstances. A court will generally compile standard information about each parent’s household, including but not limited to location, income, proximity to siblings and other family members, and a parent’s work schedule. Sometimes, a child will live primarily with one parent and visit the other on weekends or evenings through the school week. Other children may be able to spend one week with Parent A and the next with Parent B.

Missouri is a state in which school choice is based on a child’s primary address. Parents may have to bite the bullet and send their children to a school they are not confident in or try to come up with a way to swing tuition and transportation to a private school. Families may want to consider school choice when it comes time to determine which parent should have primary physical custody of a child.

Child custody proceedings can be stressful, and sometimes, a parent might feel better with some expert help. A parent can contact a knowledgeable attorney to assist with the legal process and help explain how physical custody might affect a child’s wellbeing. Having a professional attorney can help a parent navigate the legal process with confidence.

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