Best time of year for a high asset divorce?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in High Asset Divorce on Thursday, January 9, 2020.

A statistically high number of online search queries about divorce occur each January. Experts say it is not a coincidence that many people choose to end their marriages early in the year. Sometimes referred to as Divorce Month, Missouri residents might be interested to learn that there may be some merit to filing in January, especially in cases of high asset divorce.

Some people decide to end a marriage in January because they are looking for a fresh start in a new year. Perhaps spouses wanted to wait until the holiday festivities were over for the sake of children or relatives. While these are certainly valid reasons, those in the know say a January divorce can make good financial sense.

In cases of high asset divorce, it is not uncommon for the divorce to be a bit more expensive and take a bit more time than a divorce in which financial matters are less of a concern. Filing early in the year can help make sure a divorce gets moving toward finalization before yet another tax year draws to a close. Filing for divorce can also affect how monetary matters such as bonuses or investments are handled later in the year.

If this all sounds a bit complicated, that’s because it is. Ending a marriage is both an emotional and legal process. In cases of high asset divorce, where parties have so much at stake financially, it makes good sense to consult an experienced Missouri attorney to assist with the process. An attorney can protect a client during the proceedings, and start the ball rolling to get a divorce finalized so the client can truly enjoy a new beginning.

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