Missing child support payments is a roadblock for parents

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Paternity/Child Support on Wednesday, November 6, 2019.

Missouri parents probably don’t really calculate how much time is spent driving here and there. For most parents, driving to work, school or a grocery store is just part of the daily routine. With the holiday season approaching, families may be on the road more than ever, as extra travel and shopping are common in the coming months. Unfortunately, a parent may have to fork over the keys if he or she falls behind on child support payments.

Missouri is one of many states that will take away a parent’s driving privileges if child support payments fall behind. It is estimated that approximately 11 million parents face a suspended license each year nationwide. This can be a devastating blow to a parent that is already behind on payments because they are struggling financially. Loss of license can lead to termination of employment and other serious outcomes.

On the other hand, when one parent falls behind on child support payments, the other parent is left to shoulder the financial responsibility for a child on his or her own. Child support payments are ordered by the court to ensure that a child has his or her needs met by both parents. Before issuing such an order, the court takes the individual finances and circumstances of each parent into account, and also discovers any special needs a child may have.

If a parent feels the need to establish, modify or enforce a child support order, the parent may wonder where to begin. Many parents choose to turn to a reputable attorney for help with the legal process. An attorney can help a parent work within the legal system and help ensure that the payments are made in a timely fashion for the sake of the child in question.

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