Modification of child custody must be handled by court

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Thursday, October 24, 2019.

Missouri parents have overcome the stress of “back to school” and now set the sights on the upcoming holidays. Traditionally, late autumn and early winter are times for celebration, often welcomed by family gatherings, special dinners and decorations. Especially for households with children, the coming months will be a time filled with joy and wonder. Though it may be tempting for a parent to want to spend every moment with his or her children, parents can find themselves in big trouble if they attempt a modification of child custody outside the legal proceedings necessary to do so.

Recently, a mother of three found herself the subject of an investigation by local authorities and the FBI. It seems that, a few years ago, the father of three children was awarded full custody. The mother took issue with the decision and allegedly absconded with the children to another state.

Authorities treated the situation as a case of missing children, and eventually tracked the woman and the children down. The children will be returned to their father, who still has legal custody. The mother now faces criminal charges because her actions broke the law.

A parent seeking the establishment or modification of child custody orders must do so in a court of law. A parent who takes such matters into his or her own hands may quickly run afoul of the law and face harsh penalties. A Missouri parent wishing to take action involving child custody may do well to consult an attorney who is familiar with matters of family law. An attorney can help a parent take legal action the proper way, and help a parent make sure he or she is in compliance with a court order.

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