Is your parenting plan ready for the holidays?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Thursday, October 31, 2019.

Missouri families are looking forward to the holiday season, which is fast approaching. While many look forward to time-tested recipes, activities and customs, sometimes the modern family is anything but traditional. When it comes to child custody, families may want to make sure that their parenting plan is focused on the children.

At times, navigating the waters of shared custody can be difficult. Parents may have to consider their current partner or other children living in the home. Some families may be fine celebrating occasions like a holiday or birthday with an ex in attendance, but for others, such situations may feel uncomfortable or inappropriate.

Parents should take time to discuss and plan family gatherings ahead of time. Child custody agreements set forth by the court are meant to reflect the best interest of a child. Every family is different, and for some, a child might enjoy having both parents present for special occasions. If a family decides it is best to have separate celebrations on each parent’s allotted time, experts say that’s ok too. Open communication can help with successful coparenting.

When a Missouri parent needs to establish, modify or enforce a parenting plan, he or she may worry about family politics. Child custody is a legal matter, and as such, parents may feel better after consulting an attorney. An attorney can help a parent ensure that a parenting plan details what is best for a child and make sure that arrangements reflect what is best for the little ones during the holidays.

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