Palin’s marital assets under scrutiny

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in High Asset Divorce on Thursday, September 12, 2019.

Missouri residents may have been surprised to hear that former presidential candidate Sarah Palin is going through a divorce. Palin is no stranger to the public eye, and after serving several gubernatorial terms, making appearances to promote her literary works and starring on reality television shows, she has managed to maintain a level of financial success. Though, in years past, Palin scoffed at rumors of divorce, the news has now been confirmed, and Palin will now have to consider the fate of any marital assets.

The divorce paperwork was filed by her husband of 31 years, Todd Palin. In the state in which the couple maintains residence, “incompatibility of temperament” is akin to “irreconcilable differences,” and was the reason cited on the divorce petition. Todd Palin has roughly the same estimated net worth as his now estranged wife, having made a living in the oil industry.

Todd Palin says he would like to see a fair division of marital assets as the divorce proceedings move forward. The couple has several children, but only one is still a minor. The child in question is a boy with Down’s Syndrome, and Mr. Palin has expressed the desire to arrange shared custody. For her part, Sarah Palin has largely refrained from comment on the matter, but the media has already begun to speculate that the divorce is likely to be a costly action.

When a Missouri couple makes the decision to end a marriage, a spouse may have concerns about any marital assets that a couple has accumulated. In many cases, an experienced attorney is equipped to assist a client as he or she enters the legal waters of divorce. Having a reliable attorney to lean on can help a person deal with the legal aspects of divorce as he or she attempts to process emotional and personal aspects and begins to look forward to a new chapter in life.

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