Child support payments can provide much-needed help for kids

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Paternity/Child Support on Thursday, May 23, 2019.

Missouri parents are working hard. Recent statistics illustrate that the rate of child poverty across the state is on the decline. Still, many families struggle to make ends meet, and a parent may have resources, like filing for child support, that he or she has not explored.

It is estimated that one in five Missouri children still live in homes that qualify as below the poverty level. Some parents express frustration because they may not be able to cover the financial costs of all the things a child needs to learn and grow. Utilities, food, shelter and other everyday expenses can pile up quickly.

A single parent may want to consider his or her options when it comes to child support. Child support payments are meant to ease some of the financial stress a parent faces. A parent should not feel embarrassed when he or she decides to file for child support, because these payments are meant to ensure that both parents are contributing to a child’s needs, even if the parents live apart or do not get along.

If a Missouri parent is interested in establishing, modifying or enforcing a child support order, he or she may be wondering how to begin. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help make the process short and sweet. Once a court issues a child support order, a parent can count on the law to help make sure his or her child receives the money another parent has been ordered to pay each month.

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