NFL player struggles with child custody situation

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

Many Missouri families may have personal experience dealing with a court situation involving children. Child custody proceedings can take a toll on any parent. Recently, an NFL star finds himself facing just such a dilemma.

The man, a star player for the Chiefs, finds himself in a legal predicament concerning his child. Authorities had reason to suspect that a child in the home was in need of immediate care. At this point, the details are unknown, except that the man was named as a party in an investigation.

Though the NFL star maintains there are no problems in the home, Social Services claims to have evidence suggesting the child was at risk under¬†the care of his parents. The child has since been moved from the parents’ care and has been placed in another home while the investigation is underway. The man was not specifically named as an abuser of any sort and was merely listed as a related party in the investigation. It should be noted that several other adults present in the home were also named, though it remains unclear if any had a relationship to the child.

When a Missouri parent finds him- or herself in a similar predicament, he or she may not know how to proceed. In many cases, a parent can contact an experienced attorney who is familiar with child custody situations and may be able to help. An attorney can go to bat for a client and help explain any misunderstanding to the court. The court will want what is best for the child and, in the event of a mistake, can help a client explain the circumstances to a judge, working toward a favorable outcome for both parent and child.

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