Shocking report reveals national child support issues

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Paternity/Child Support on Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Missouri residents need only tune in to the daily news to see a recent rash of tabloid-esque stories surrounding celebrity parents. Most recently, R&B singer R. Kelly was reported to be in arrears on his child support in an amount of $161,000. Further, a reputable news outlet aired a shocking report showing that the entire nation seems to be a bit behind on child support.

The report informs readers and viewers that an estimated 30 percent of child support payments are not made in the United States. For payments that are made, it is estimated that less than 50 percent are made for the total amount owed. This statistic is shocking, especially because researchers indicate that only half of separated couples have a child support order in place to begin with.

Many parents have expressed frustration. Child support payments are meant to ensure that, by law, each parent contributes his or her fair share of the financial support necessary to care for a child. If a parent is not receiving the payments he or she is owed, it can place an unfair burden on the parent to try to cover all of a child’s expenses alone. For many single parents, this is an impossible task, causing undo stress and fear that a child must go without.

If a Missouri parent is interested in establishing, modifying or enforcing a child support order, he or she should know that help is available. In many cases, an experienced and compassionate attorney can step in and help a parent utilize the legal process to collect the money the other parent owes on behalf of a child. Once child support payments are backed by a court order, the order is enforceable by law, and a parent who does not pay can be charged accordingly.

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