Establish paternity now, save a headache later

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Fathers’ Rights on Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

Missouri families look forward to the arrival of a new baby with preparation and anticipation. Making sure the nursery is well-stocked and everything placed just so can be fun, but there are other matters to tend to before Baby comes home. Establishing paternity is an important part of a child’s life, and a way for parents to ensure that the child will be well cared for by both mom and dad.

Recently, a celebrity couple, made famous by the MTV “Teen Mom” franchise, welcomed a new baby girl. Like most excited parents, the couple was happy to share photos on social media, but not all the comments were well wishers. Some fans were aware that the couple had undergone a separation period prior to the birth of the baby, and some voiced doubt about the child’s paternity.

Paternity can be called into question for a myriad of reasons. Child support, medical treatment and other matters that pop up along the way can go much more smoothly if paternity has been established. It is also an important step in determining legal parenting rights.

When a Missouri child is born, no matter what the relationship between the biological mother and father, a parent might want to learn about establishing paternity. On many occasions, an attorney can help a client become educated on various ways to do just that, and help a parent get the matter taken care of legally. This important step protects both parents and children, and helps ensure that a child can learn and grow with the love and support of his or her father.

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