Man in another state is behind bars re child custody dispute

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

Many Missouri parents encounter challenges regarding situations related to their children. In circumstances where parents are divorced or sharing child custody as parents who were never married, such problems can really get out of hand if one of the parents involved refuses to play by the rules. If the court has issued orders regarding custody, visitation or support, both parents must adhere to the terms unless and until the judge overseeing the case modifies the order.

Serious problems can arise if a parent refuses to adhere to an existing court order. Evidence of this can be found in an ongoing situation in another state. A woman says the father of her son has been making trouble, such as following her around town, even though she has an active protection order against him.

The situation came to a hilt recently when the woman picked up her children from a baby-sitter’s house and was heading back to her residence. She later told police that, while traveling home, she spotted her son’s father nearby on the road, and he allegedly intentionally swerved his car to wreck into hers. The two vehicles collided, but the woman was able to continue traveling until she was able to get to where her father was in order to secure help.

Police were called, and the man was given field sobriety tests. He was later taken into custody, and bail was set at more than $30,000. The woman said there is a court order in place regarding child custody, but her ex has refused to cooperate. Any Missouri parent who is currently facing similar problems can turn to an experienced family law attorney for help in determining how best to legally handle the situation.

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