Loss of child custody can be an emotional experience for parents

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Thursday, November 1, 2018.

For many Missouri parents, it would be difficult to admit that another parent or family member is better equipped to raise his or her children. While certainly, the best interests of a child must come first, a parent who finds him- or herself on the losing end of a child custody dispute can face emotional pain. One mother has recently opened up about what it feels like to lose child custody.

The woman has three biological children. Before having her third child, she came to the painful decision that the father of her two boys was more capable of caring for them than she was herself. She reasoned that he had a stable job and a large extended family, and that the boys would be well taken care of. She later regretted having missed so many milestones as her sons grew up.

Years later, the woman gave birth to a daughter who suffered from medical issues. She herself was struggling with drug addiction at the time, and as her daughter reached school age, she went to live with her grandmother in Missouri. The woman explains that the loss of her children only compounded her depression and addiction troubles, and she often found herself struggling with her decision to relinquish custody.

When a parent feels like he or she needs to establish, change or enforce a child custody order, he or she may want to consult an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to present all options available to a client and make sure they understand the long-term ramifications. Sometimes, a struggling parent just needs a little help, and an attorney may be able to help a parent ensure that his or her children are well cared for while still maintaining a close relationship with the other parent.

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