Boy missing in case regarding custody rights

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Fathers’ Rights on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

Missouri parents may personally know the stress that may arise when one parent disagrees with an arrangement regarding a child. It is important to be aware that, once an order has been put in place regarding custody rights, neither party can change the arrangement without utilizing the legal process. Recently, a Missouri child has gone missing, and authorities think they know who took him.

The 4-year-old Missouri boy resides with his father, who has full custody of the child. The mother of the boy allegedly took him from his home and is on the run with the child. Police state she is refusing to return him to his father’s home, despite a court order prohibiting such an action.

Investigators are desperately trying to locate the pair so the child can be returned to his father’s care. They warn that the mother may be accompanied by an adult male who has been prohibited from having any contact with the missing child. The boy has been missing since August, and police have issued an endangered person advisory on his behalf.

Fathers should be aware that there is help available if they feel they need to establish, modify or change an order regarding custody rights. Once such rights have been granted by a court, anyone who violates the order can be prosecuted in criminal court. A compassionate attorney can help a client stand firm in court as he or she makes a judge aware that his or her parental rights have been violated by another party, and may be able to help expedite a just resolution.

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