Disabled parents fear child custody issues

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Thursday, September 6, 2018.Missouri parents would likely agree that each parent-child relationship is different. In an age where parents are aware of the far-reaching extent of child abuse across the nation, many fear that the regular scrapes, bumps and bruises that children get from time to time may be mistaken by onlookers as a sign of physical abuse in the home. Recently, parents who suffer from conditions that have rendered them blind or deaf have spoken out, saying they feel they are often singled out in these situations, and they fear their handicap can lead to a change in child custody.

Many Missouri parents say their fears are not unfounded, and they can provide recent examples in which a parent lost custody of his or her child based on an assumption that their disability prevents them from being a good parent. They argue that many of the methods used by courts and social workers to determine appropriate child custody are based on the relationships seeing and hearing parents have with their children. A blind parent who cannot see a bruise on his or her child may not be aware others suspect abuse. A deaf parent who cannot hear his or her child cry or call for help may be looked upon as incapable.

Many of the parents affected by a similar situation say that, even though a court rules in their favor and their children were eventually returned, it was still unjust. Court cases may take years to conclude, and parents and children may be separated in the interim. A parent with a handicap can potentially be as active and responsible as a parent with no physical or mental handicap.

If a parent is concerned that a personal disability may cause loss of child custody, he or she may want to partner with a compassionate attorney. An attorney can take the time to listen to a parent and stand by them as they make their case in court. A parent who yearns to love and care for his or her child as he or she grows may decide to fight for child custody, and thankfully, one does not have to do it alone.

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