Child custody orders protect parents and children

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Thursday, September 20, 2018.

Many Missouri families may be familiar with situations in which parents who live in separate households must figure out how to share custody of a child. Many parents believe they can work out a schedule outside of the court system, and may reason that the parents, though separated, have a friendly relationship. Though this may be a tempting route to explore, not having an official child custody order in place leaves parents vulnerable to future problems.

Recently, police were contacted when a Missouri father came to the mother’s residence to pick the child up for a visit. A dispute between the parents required the presence of law enforcement to sort the matter. Upon arrival, police determined that, since there was no child custody order, the father was technically trespassing, and he was formally charged.

Though parents may think their arrangements are safe, it is not worth the risk. Having a child custody order put in place by the court ensures that neither parental party can go against the arrangement. If a parent feels he or she has good reason to change such an order, it must be modified by the court.

Parents who fear that an arrangement made off the record is insufficient should know that help is available. An experienced attorney can explain the process of obtaining an official court order and stand by a parent as the court determines an official child custody scenario. Having an attorney can help a parent feel more knowledgeable of the legal process and ensure that custody orders are enforceable by law.

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