Government’s child support error ruins man’s vacation

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Paternity/Child Support on Thursday, August 9, 2018.

Missouri parents are probably aware that, if they fail to make timely child support payments, they can face serious legal consequences. Most would probably say they do their best to pay the proper amount on time. Unfortunately, there is always room for human error, and sometimes, the government entities responsible for processing child support payments make mistakes.

One Missouri father recently found himself in an inconvenient situation due to a mistake by the government concerning his child support payments. He was unaware there was any trouble at all until he went to get his passport ready for a family vacation. He was informed that he could not get his passport because he was behind on his child support payments. The man insisted that he was current with his payments and could not fathom why he would be denied.

After countless attempts to remedy the situation, it came to light that the man was mistakenly placed on a list of people who had failed to make timely payments. Though the government parties responsible for placing him on the list were able to determine that it was a mistake, they were unsure of how it happened. They informed the man that they did not even know how to remove his name from the list. The poor father had to miss his vacation, as the error could not be corrected in time to get his passport for the trip he had booked months in advance.

When a hard-working parent is punished for something he or she did not do, it can be very discouraging. Even when it is a mistake, it may be difficult to remedy the situation and get answers as to why he or she was unjustly classified as behind on child support. In these cases, it can be helpful to contact an understanding attorney. An attorney may know the proper way to clear up a clerical error and make sure that parents are exonerated through legal action.

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