Modern divorce struggles include paternal rights issues and more

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Fathers’ Rights on Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

Some lawyers have seen it all. In the field of family law, modern trends are creating new issues for couples to fight about. Whether it is about a father’s paternal rights to an embryo, or about contentious social media postings, Missouri families have plenty to disagree about during a divorce.

In this age of advanced reproductive technology, some couples aren’t sure what to do with frozen embryos at the time of a divorce. In most cases, the embryos are treated as personal property and are divided as such, but judges usually take the opinion that one person cannot force another to become a parent against their will. So while the embryos can be divided, if the other person is not interested in becoming a parent it is unlikely that they can be implanted and carried in the womb unless both parties agree.

Another difficult aspect of some divorces is social media. Some parents only learn about what their children are up to from Facebook updates, causing arguments and hurt feelings. In other cases, one parent may disagree with the appropriateness of posting certain photos of a child online.

In Missouri, an individual may have a number of reasons for separating from his ex. When that spouse is a male parent, he will likely want to protect his paternal rights and his ability to be a father to his children. If social media becomes an issue, or if a father is having a tough time seeing his children, he may require outside help. An experienced family law attorney can provide guidance to individuals in need of advice and legal support.

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