Man says he was tricked into giving away custody rights

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Fathers’ Rights on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

One man in another state is without his daughter after an incident with Child Protective Services that was recently highlighted in the news. The man claims that he was tricked into signing away custody rights in a moment of duress and that he did not understand the document he was signing. He is now taking the matter to court. Missouri fathers who aren’t able to see their own children may find themselves empathizing with the man’s situation.

According to reports, the man needed to temporarily place his child with family friends after his wife had a heart attack. During that time, a teacher reported to CPS that the child smelled like a cat. The Department of Social Services then visited the man and, according to the father, forced him to sign a Custody and Visitation Agreement. He says he thought that he was giving his father custody until he was able to get back home from caring for his wife, but he was actually signing away his rights.

The man has since sued the county, claiming that the document he signed was an illegal order that bypasses an order from a judge. The child was handed over to the state, and the father said he was told that they weren’t sure exactly where the child would be residing. He feels as if he was taken advantage of and is desperately trying to regain custody of his child.

Losing custody rights can be devastating for any parent, especially if the parent feels that the reason for losing his or her rights is bogus. In matters of family law, a parent does have the right to fight back to try and regain the right to see and care for a child. In Missouri, experienced attorneys are available to assist parents who wish to retain custody of their children under these or other circumstances.

Source:, “Cherokee County, NC man says he was tricked into signing over custody of daughter“, Brittany Martin, March 27, 2018

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