Fathers’ rights a concern for one Missouri group

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Fathers’ Rights on Monday, July 24, 2017.

Two weekends a month and two to four weeks during the summer – this is the current standard that many noncustodial parents face when a Missouri divorce is finalized. In some cases, this is actually more that the parent will take advantage of. However, in many instances, the noncustodial parent strives to remain a part of the child’s life yet finds it difficult to do so with such limited time constraints. More often than not, it is the father who faces these constraints, and this is causing some to raise concerns regarding fathers’ rights as they relate to custody issues.

One group, Americans for Shared Parenting, is seeking to change this. One of the primary goals indicated by the group is for both mothers and fathers to be treated fairly when it comes to child custody. They are working to accomplish this goal through the use of local meetings and legislation.

One concept, “Rebuttal Presumption,” is at the center of this legislative approach. Under this approach, the court theoretically assumes that parents share equal responsibility. This assumption is held unless evidence to the contrary is presented to the court. The goal is to allow parents to be equals in regard to the child while still giving the opportunity to craft a different child custody format when circumstances warrant a more restrictive parenting plan.

In the past, it was common place for fathers’ rights to be set aside when it came to child custody issues. However, Missouri and other states increasingly recognize that the father plays an essential role in the life of his child. When these rights are not being honored, both father and child can suffer as a result. Experienced legal counsel can assist in preventing or rectifying the situation.

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