Where to get help for enforcement of child custody orders

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

It’s summertime and you and your children have created an awesome list of fun activities. You’re actually looking forward to your first vacation season since your divorce, ready to build new memories and create new traditions as you and your kids adapt to your new lifestyle together in Missouri. The only problem is you think you might need help to enforce the existing child custody order because your former spouse is not cooperating as you’d hoped.

Because you have an existing court order regarding custody and visitation arrangements, both you and the other parent are bound to comply with its stipulations. That’s why you became concerned when the kids told your ex-spouse is refusing to let them go on vacation with you. In fact, you were certain permission to do so had actually been included in the court order.

Now you’re wondering what can be done to overcome the obstacles that have arisen. You know there’s only a few short months of summer, and you’ve already booked your hotel because you didn’t foresee any problems with your plan. In such circumstances, it’s crucial to remember that you may have divorced your former spouse, but you still have your parental rights.

Stange Law Firm, PC has extensive experience regarding state and federal laws governing child custody issues. Our experienced legal team can seek enforcement of Missouri child custody orders on your behalf. Allowing an attorney to act in your favor is often means for avoiding courtroom stress and contentious battles with a former spouse who refuses to cooperate.

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