Not every child custody battle is between two parents

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Thursday, May 25, 2017.

Many Missouri reality TV fans, young and old alike, are familiar with the Teen Mom 2 show. Some may also be following a child custody battle involving one of the stars of the show. This particular situation does not involve both parents of a child, however; in fact, the 7-year-old boy’s mother has been battling her own mother (who has custody of her grandson) in court.

The media has not been shy in publicizing updates on the contentious situation between Jenelle Evans, the boy’s mother, and Barbara Evans, his grandmother. The two women have been estranged for some time, and the younger woman reportedly didn’t even speak to, nor glance at her mother when a new visitation agreement was signed recently in court. Jenelle Evans told reporters she is thrilled that her mother can no longer restrict her visitations with her son.

She also said she plans to keep fighting for full custody, which the court has not yet granted for whatever reason. Jenelle Evans has two other children as well and plans to get married soon. The judge apparently scolded Barbara Evans in court, telling her she needs to think of the child’s best interests moving forward in the future, and not her own.

Child custody battles between biological parents and grandparents are obviously intensely personal and often highly emotionally charged. The difference between a swift and successful outcome and a long drawn-out battle in court often lies in the type of legal representation acquired. Finding a family law attorney who has obtained positive results for other clients in complex and embittered situations may be the best course of action to take for anyone in Missouri facing similar circumstances.

Source:, “Jenelle Evans Reaches Custody Battle Agreement Over Son Jace: “I’m Happy But Devastated”“, McKenna Aiello, Holly Passalaqua, May 24, 2017

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