Issues Missouri parents face regarding child relocation

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Thursday, February 16, 2017.

Many Missouri parents wind up back in court after divorce when disagreements arise pertaining to their children. In addition to visitation and support matters, it often occurs that one or the other parent will seek permission for child relocation to another state. Because such plans may bear significant impact on everyone involved (not just the parent planning to move) the court has the final say as to whether such a move can take place.

It is typically best to seek clarification of the laws in one’s own state since regulations vary regarding such issues. For instance, in some states, a parent planning to move away with a child must inform the other parent in writing. The reason for the move might also be required, depending on state law. In Michigan, permission from the court is required before the move to another state.

If the court determines that a parent is acting out of revenge or retaliation, or for other good reasons, it has the power to prohibit the relocation. In most situations, the court is of the opinion that children should have as much time as possible with both parents, unless extenuating circumstances exist that would deem this detrimental to the children involved. If a planned move is going to make it impossible for a child to see one of his or her parents, it will likely affect the court’s final decision in the matter.

Child relocation issues, as well as custody-related and support matters are often difficult to resolve without outside intervention. An experienced family law attorney can provide assistance when filing petitions to request court order modifications. A Missouri attorney can also negotiate on a parent’s behalf to seek fair and agreeable solutions to any problems that arise.

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