New year, new parenting plan for some in Missouri

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

In Missouri and elsewhere, January is known as “divorce month” because of substantial increase in inquiries about the process during this time each year. There are various schools of thought as to why many couples delay proceeding with divorce until after the holidays. For some, reasons involve financial matters; others may want to avoid parenting plan disputes during family gatherings and holiday celebrations.

Whether beginning the divorce process in January (or another month) will have substantial financial impact often depends on particular circumstances. Emotionally speaking, some say waiting it out until after the holidays allows spouses time to carefully consider whether ending their marriage is the best decision for their family. Of course, opinions regarding divorce vary greatly; advocates say it is better for parents to end their marriage rather than expose children to repeated arguing and contentious behavior toward one another.

There are also those who say keeping a marriage intact is most often best for all involved, even if spouses aren’t getting along. Such decisions are intensely personal, and regardless of what may lead to divorce, a concerned parent may need help when a proposed parenting plan is met with a refusal to compromise by a soon-to-be former spouse. One of the easiest ways to seek support in such situations is to contact a family law attorney.

A Missouri attorney can protect parental rights and make sure children’s best interests are a main focus of any proceedings that follow. Developing an agreeable parenting plan often requires skilled negotiation. If a serious communication breakdown between spouses has occurred, this may prove near impossible without experienced assistance.

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