We understand the importance of fathers’ rights in child custody

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Fathers’ Rights on Friday, June 24, 2016.

Much of the focus in family law and custody issues concerns the rights of mothers and how those should factor into child custody arrangements. In past decades, this intense focus on the mother-child relationship might have made sense, but this no longer reflects how families work and interact in today’s world. Fathers’ rights are increasingly making headlines as advocates continue to stand up for themselves and their children.

Missouri has come a long way in terms of child custody arrangements. It can no longer be assumed that a woman will receive sole custody — both physical and legal — simply because she is a mother. Unfortunately, shared custody is still difficult for many fathers to obtain. This can be especially confusing for fathers who have played active roles in their children’s lives.

At our firm, helping fathers assert their rights to have reasonable access to their children simply makes sense. We largely base this on the well-understood notion that a child custody arrangement should reflect that child’s best interests. While there are understandably unique situations in which equally shared custody is not appropriate, many children truly benefit the most from having easy and equal access to both of their parents.

Opponents of fathers’ rights sometime mistakenly confuse the movement as being a ploy for fathers to pay less child support, but this is hardly the case. Most fathers in Missouri desire to maintain healthy relationships with their children after divorce, an understandable need for any parent. Whether filing for divorce, petitioning for a modification or never married in the first place, our website has valuable information for all parents concerned about child custody.

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