Child support guidelines reviewed in Missouri

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Paternity/Child Support on Saturday, March 19, 2016.

Every state, including Missouri, has its own regulations that govern court decisions regarding child support. Typically, when a couple who has children together divorces, the court may order one or both parents duly responsible for financial support of their children. The state is required to periodically review its child support guidelines.

Recently, the Family Court Committee of the Missouri Supreme Court planned to host a meeting open to the public. Federal law requires a state review of child support guidelines every four years. The guidelines are key factors in the court’s decision-making process during family custody situations.

Several factors are commonly taken into consideration before the court renders a decision pertaining to child support. The court will take a look at the financial needs and income (or other resources) of both parents. The court may also consider the standard of living children may have enjoyed if parents had not divorced. Custody arrangements and expenses associated with those arrangements are also important factors in whether a parent will be ordered to pay child support.

The recent public hearing in Missouri was merely to review current child support guidelines. No revisions to the current process were to be made at the meeting. Legal challenges regarding child support issues can be complicated and may be simplified with assistance from an experienced family law attorney. An attorney can clarify current laws that may potentially affect results of an individual situation and offer guidance as to how best to proceed to obtain a favorable outcome in court.

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