The basics of child support in Missouri

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Paternity/Child Support on Friday, June 5, 2015.

Child support in any state can be a complex issue, and Missouri is no exception. From determining how much is to be paid to enforcing child support, the issues woven into the topic are practically boundless. Here are just a few basics to know.

Child support is paid by one or both parents toward raising their child or children. It is enforced by the Missouri Family Support Division. The amount paid is generally determined by a few factors, including income, cost of childcare, the number of children, health care costs and other costs associated with raising a child.

Depending on a few circumstances, the court could change the amount of child support paid. If the parent with main custody refuses to give the other proper visitation, the court could reduce the amount the visiting parent pays. Other situations could dictate child support increasing, decreasing or stopping altogether.

When it comes to paternity issues, genetic fatherhood must be proven in order to receive child support. This is generally determined with mouth swabs of the mother, child and alleged father. The paternity test can take quite a while, but if the father admits paternity it becomes a much faster process.

Child support is enforced by the Family Support Division. If payments stop from the supporting parent and you cannot convince them to continue, you can file a claim. From there, the FSD can garnish or even withhold paychecks until child support is paid again.

Your unique problem may not fit into these basic situations. If not, consulting an expert attorney is often the best way to figure out how to resolve your issues.

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