Missouri offers many avenues to recover delinquent child support

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Paternity/Child Support on Thursday, February 5, 2015.

When child support is ordered in a court proceeding, the court’s determination of the amount and terms of the support to be paid are based upon the court’s opinion of what is in the best interest of the child. So the failure of a parent to pay the ordered support becomes not just a problem for the child and the other parent but also for state authorities charged with the enforcement of child support orders.

In an effort to recover child support payments and arrearages, the court may use a variety of resources against the parent who fails to pay.

Most are aware of what would be considered the “usual” avenues for recovering child support. Withholding income is the most common method by which courts may garnish wages to be withheld before the money is paid to the delinquent parent. But forms of income other than wages from a job can also withheld, including workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation benefits.

A parent awaiting a tax refund may also find that those funds have been applied to child support payments. Both state and federal tax refunds can be intercepted and used to reduce any arrearages. In addition, parents who fail to meet their child support obligations may find that bad luck follows good if they are due lottery winnings. Those funds can also be intercepted to satisfy child support obligations.

In addition to collecting money from various sources, government agencies are also in a position to revoke certain privileges until child support obligations are met. The government has the right to revoke the driver’s license of someone who is behind on child support and fails to pay it. Those who hold professional licenses for employment purposes may also be subject to suspension of those licenses.

If you are owed child support that the other parent refuses to pay, the state of Missouri offers a variety of ways to enforce the support obligation and collect the amount owed. The Missouri Family Support Division can be of assistance, but it is tasked with assisting every child in the state whose parent fails to pay support. The help of an attorney who can focus on representing your child’s interest may expedite your avenue to child support recovery.

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