High asset divorces are high stakes matters

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in High Asset Divorce on Thursday, February 12, 2015.

Material success, measured in terms of cash, property and other assets, can in some ways be a drawback when it comes to a marriage that ends in divorce. High-asset divorces are often the source of salacious stories involving short-term celebrity marriages, but for many people a divorce with considerable asset division implications comes after the couple has been together for many years.

In these less spectacular yet still difficult situations, large bank accounts, expensive cars, extravagant jewelry or gaudy mansions are less likely to be the source of contention than assets that are grown over a long period of time: retirement accounts, pension plans, investment portfolios, or a house, no longer subject to a mortgage to name a few.

Sometimes these assets were the property of one spouse before the marriage. Other times they accumulated throughout the couple’s union, but one spouse contributed more than the other to the assets growth in value. When the time comes to decide how best to equitably divide them, it may not always be possible for the husband and wife to agree without the assistance of legal counsel and the use of a court.

For couples that are divorcing after perhaps decades of living a life together, it can be a challenge for either of them to start thinking in terms other than “we.” But if a divorce cannot be arrived at amicably, and your soon-to-be ex-spouse hires an attorney, you will need to carefully consider retaining experienced and knowledgeable legal representation to protect your own interests.

The civil court system is adversarial in nature, and what may start out as a simple parting of ways can sometimes change into something much more contentious. You need to be prepared for this possibility, and to have an attorney at your side who can see to it that your interests, and your fair share of any asset division and distribution, are protected.

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