If child custody becomes a source of dispute, we are here to help

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

Parenting can be all about balance.

Raising a child is a constant exercise in finding the right balance between not doing enough and going too far. From helping your toddler to take his or her first steps, to watching what and how much he or she eats, to measuring discipline and praise. This is so when you raise a child together with your spouse or partner and it remains so even if you decide that it is time to part ways with each other.

A bedrock tenet of Missouri child custody and child support law in the event of a divorce or separation is that the best interest of the children is a paramount concern. This is so, even if supporting those children might mean that your comforts or even some of your personal plans must take a lesser priority.

Sometimes a relationship that began harmoniously and produced one or more children may end in conflict. If a dispute over what is best for the children becomes a battle, then something to seriously consider in seeking a properly balanced dissolution is to enlist the aid of an ally.

Someone who knows how family laws work in Missouri, who will be a strong advocate not just for the children, but for you as well, and who will not be so emotionally caught up in the struggle that his or her sound judgment and advice becomes clouded.

Family law matters are a staple of our law firm. While few people enter into a marriage or have children expecting divorce or separation, such an outcome can be an unfortunate outcome despite the best intentions of the parents at the beginning. If this describes your present circumstances, we can help you to make the best of your situation so that your children — and you — have the best chance possible of minimizing negative outcomes.

A good way to become familiar with how we can help you is to go to our child custody page on our website. We have other child-related resources on our site as well.

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