The challenges of a high asset divorce from a narcissist

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in High Asset Divorce on Thursday, October 25, 2018.

It can be challenging enough to break away from a marriage in which the other party is a narcissist. They tend to view themselves as the victim under these circumstances. This could make a high asset divorce from someone with this personality type even more of a challenge than being married to one.

Most narcissists, whether they live here in Missouri or elsewhere, refuse to be cooperative. They tend to ignore the other party’s points of view and do not want to compromise. They tend to lash out whenever possible, especially in private.

In public, and especially in court, narcissists often do what they can to push the buttons of the other party. If that person responds, they could end up looking unreasonable to the court. They are often experts at pushing the buttons of their spouses, so this is a risk for the other party. He or she will need to make sure to watch out for this scenario because it will more than likely happen.

Another problem is that outsiders will probably not understand that one of the parties has this type of personality. Instead, they will lump the reasonable party in with the other. This could cause some frustration and anxiety that needs to be overcome before entering the courtroom.

It is not necessary to deal with a high asset divorce from someone like this alone. Having a family law attorney to advocate for a Missouri resident who has experience with difficult personalities could prove invaluable. It is important for everyone going through a divorce to protect his or her rights, but when a narcissist is involved, that need could become even more pressing.

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