Don’t let someone’s summer vacation ruin your parenting plan

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Thursday, May 4, 2017.

Missouri parents and their children typically face many challenges when marital ties are severed. Life changes are many and often difficult. How parents treat each other, and how each reacts to various situations as they arise, is key to helping the whole family reach its full potential for a successful, happy future. Summertime, in particular, often creates parenting plan issues that must be addressed, including where kids will spend their school vacations, and whether one or both parents plan to travel with the children.

There’s no general law saying a parent can’t take children on a summer vacation after divorce. However, many parents incorporate stipulations regarding such matters into their divorce decrees. At any rate, the court typically requires a parent who wishes to travel to provide reasonable notice to the other parent, whether or not that parent has legal custody.

Sometimes, a noncustodial parent’s visitation schedule will be disrupted by travel plans. If this is so, arrangements can be made for substitute time to be allotted upon the children’s return. Some parents find it necessary to take action to protect their rights, especially if they’re worried that the other parent will not return the children at an agreed upon time.

Child custody is obviously a main concern for Missouri parents who divorce. Anyone with questions regarding summer vacation, and how it may affect a parenting plan, can discuss a particular situation with Stange Law Firm, PC, to clarify the legal side of things. Through amicable negotiation and cooperation, most parents can plan a fun summer for their children in keeping with their custody agreements.

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