Robin Thicke’s custody rights on hold for now

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Fathers’ Rights on Thursday, February 2, 2017.

Robin Thicke, son of now deceased actor, Alan Thicke, has been engaged in an angry child custody battle over his son, Julian. The child’s mother, Paula Patton, has managed to secure a restraining order against Thicke, thus placing his custody rights on hold for the time being. Their next scheduled court date is set for the end of this month in a court outside Missouri.

Thicke has denied all allegations of child abuse and spousal abuse as purported by Patton. He says she is merely angry that she was not invited to his father’s funeral and is using false accusations as a means for revenge. The court does not seem to think her allegations are without merit, however.

A judge recently ruled that Thicke is not to come within 100 feet of his son, Patton or Patton’s mother, at least until the next court date. A woman who helped care for the young child testified that she has never witnessed the boy’s father being abusive in any way. She is also said to have claimed that Patton was quite angry with her for refusing to testify against Thicke.

When custody rights are involved, situations can become highly emotionally charged on both sides of an issue. Many Missouri parents might relate to the ongoing battle between Thicke and Patton. If issues are unable to be resolved outside of court, a family law attorney can aggressively litigate any issue as necessary to protect a parent’s rights and make certain that a child’s best interests are kept at heart in court.

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